Year-End 2020 | Batsmen who hit most sixes in T20 for India in 2020

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In the T20 format, the team whose batsmen play the big shots, the more the team gets. In this format, the batsman has the ability to hit the ball out of the boundary with the first ball and this format also allows him to do so. In this format, there are only 120 balls and in this, the batsmen have to score more and more runs. In this format, power hitters batsmen are also included in teams for big shots so that they can score more runs by playing big shots and take the team to a big score.

With the bat of the Indian batsmen in 2020, the audience has got a chance to see a lot of balls outside the boundary. This year India have won 9 of their 11 T20s and the batsmen contributed significantly. India’s batsmen do not hesitate to play big shots in T20 and bat openly. In this article, we will discuss three Indian batsmen who have scored the most sixes for India in T20 this year.

3 Indian batsmen who hit maximum sixes in T20 in 2020

3 Virat Kohli

Indian captain Virat Kohli, famous for hitting fours during his batting, has also hit a lot of sixes with his bat in T20 matches this year and that is why he is third in the list of Indians hitting the most sixes in T20 this year. Huh. Virat Kohli has scored 295 runs in 9 innings of 10 matches played this year and during this time he has also hit 10 sixes.

2 Shreyas Iyer (11)

Shreyas Iyer The young Shreyas Iyer, who played the middle-order batsman in the Indian team, performed well for India in T20 this year and he is also in the list of top 3 batsmen with the highest runs. Iyer played only one big innings for the team in T20 this year but he has played many small innings. Shreyas has scored 203 runs in 10 matches this year and during this time he has hit 11 sixes.

1 KL Rahul (13)

Indian batsman KL Rahul has done a tremendous job for the Indian team in white-ball cricket this year. Rahul has scored most for India in both ODIs and T20s in 2020. Rahul took advantage of consecutive occasions this year and secured a place in his team. For India this year, Rahul has scored 404 runs in 10 innings of 11 T20 matches, and during this time he has hit 13 sixes. Rahul has also scored 4 half-centuries in T20 this year.

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